Conan server

  • hello our clan has just joined your Conan server and it was working fine no lag and really low server fps like most private servers we play on.

    Then out of no where we are getting really bad lag like a server ping of up to 600 and server fps drop to 4, the last time we had that bad performance was from clans scripting and duping!!!

    I really hope this is not the case and its only a hardware problem but would really like admin to look into it please.

    I have recorded the problem and will upload it later today, have also noticed a lot of players on your server with fake steam accounts like there hiding something what's that all about....

    We left offical servers because of the glitches and hackers, I have over 1.8k hours on Conan and my friend over 2k and i really hope we can make this server our new home.

    Thanks thebes