Vehicle camping getting out of hand.

  • Vehicle camping at stores seems to be increasing more and more, today ive even witnessed OPFOR members camping the airport VS with 2 tanks just not leaving the area at all, it seems there is no proper punishment either, when a admin catches them only their vehicle is destroyed and later when the admin logs off they will just do it again.

    Its one of the things that really ruins gaming for me on this server and the lack of real punishment is something that should be adjusted seeing as right now new players are just getting put off from staying on this server because so many ppl think its ok to just vehicle camp.

  • Its kind of hard to get the name of someone who is in a vehicle.

    Also i run on a old shitty pc , making recording very tiresome as it drags my pcs performance down.

    But around peak times or when the server is pretty busy there is nearly always Vehicle camping going on at the Aiport Vehicle Store or at the Lighthouse overlooking the General and Vehicle Store at Kamino gun range.

    I hardly ever see a admin online taking action and when its usually only them deleting the vehicle , rather than a punishment , either hand out bans for this or punish people by taking money from their in game bank accounts.