Unverständlicher Ban

  • STEAM_ID: 76561197970972538

    Accountname: sidewayz

    Gebannt auf: Stratis

    Gebannt von: wahrscheinlich Meaty

    Art des Bans: Server Ban


    ich wurde soeben auf dem Stratis Wasteland Server aus mir unerklärlichen Gründen gebannt. Ich habe vom Camp Maxwell auf den Hügel über dem Gun Store im Süden mit der Mar-10 gezielt. Dabei habe ich den User Meaty (Ich weiß nicht ob er das hier ist, aber der Name ist gleich) 3x hintereinander gekillt. Das ist zwar evtl. gemein, aber ich wüsste nicht gegen welche Regel ich verstoßen haben sollte.

    Ich würde gerne wieder freigeschaltet werden und natürlich wissen, ob man keine Sniper Position für länger als 5min halten darf.

    Danke :)


  • Yes the ban was by me. You did kill me a couple of times as I returned to loot my body but the angle from which you was killing me was strange so I decided to lay down and spectate you. I instantly hit record and as I was spectating you I moved forward as you appeared to be aiming in the air. as I moved forward and no way you saw me at my body the third time as a hill was in the way you instantly shot me even though its clear in the video you were aiming in the sky.

    First point I would like to make is you were around 800m away from my body yet on the video it shows you have your gun set to 500m and the next you were aiming down your scope looking in the air yet you still some how killed me with 100% accuracy each time.

  • Sorry, but that is not true. I often snipe from this position on stratis, because you a very concealed from the players on camp maxwell over you and the rock in front of me gives me cover. Then, i can use the bipod in perfect horizontal position and the distance to the hill where you where, is exactly 1.000m (and so is my scope set). I always fire 3 shots from there, because the Mar-10 don´t kill with 1 shot at that distance. I always saw at least 30% of your body when i shot at you, why should i fire in the open wild?

    I don´t know where your data comes from, but i didn´t use any cheat tools in my life and so in my 1.000 hours in arma 3.


  • If you believe this ban is incorrect then I would like to ask for the game play footage at the time of the ban in order to prove your side of the story. I am always recording with the geforce shadowplay for encounters like this. I was playing on Blufor and anyone that went to LZ Connor was pretty much killed by you so I went there my self and ended up being killed by you my self. I have 1.5k hours on arma and I consider myself to be quite skilled on the ground and no way could I kill people as quick as you

  • I cannot provide any footage, because i don´t record my gameplay...don´t even know how to do this. I just apply to your common sense, don´t you think i would have other stats than 145 kills and 161 deaths if i cheat?

    Is it even possible to cheat in Arma? I even got trouble to play online, because of the vorpX Driver for the Oculus Rift in the background.

    If you like, you can check that position out (032028, flat rock). Just lay down, scope to 1.000m and you can shot anyone who stands still for more than 2 seconds.

    I don´t know what to say anymore. I hope you belive me and unban me, because this is the last Wasteland Server where are more than 10 players and i can play with my wife :|


  • I will say just as an informative note. I have been testing the spectating function with players that I am in communication with and what i see and what they are aiming at are not identical up and down, left right seem good. For example i will spectate a friend and he says he is zero'd at 800m and has his crosshair directly on an object where in my spectate i see him zero'd at 500m and aiming below the same object but when he fires his round is hitting exactly where he is describing. I know the spectate function is not perfect. I did see the clip uploaded for this ban and in our spectate you were looking very high in the sky and did get a kill while shooting like that, looks like hacking from our angle but as i have described the spectate is not perfect. Please take this into account when make any decisions.

  • How can u even use a tool, that obviously isn´t working correctly, as evidence that i used hacks? Only because i made 5-6 kills in a time of 10 Minutes, from a position where i stayed a few hours overall and know every distance and where i have to aim? I even missed a few players, would be a lousy hack then...

    I´m feeling like a defenseless victim in a murder trial, like in the movies and the jury is against me.

    Would you consider to try it out for yourself? That you go in my position and another admin is spotting you? Then we see if your accusation is correct or false.