Application to be a supporter

  • hi,

    im interested in joining you arma 3 stratis wasteland serer admin team my ingame name is charles manson and ive been playing on your server a fair while now and find it a good fun server with alot of good people on it.

    my real name is daniel im 31 years old ive played arma way to long now i think im pushing 5000 hours played time im not the best of players tactics wise but its still a good laugh failing epically i have been admin and co owner of a few servers over the time including owning my own wasteland server but unfortunatly my bank account refused to let me carry on so had to shut the server down

    currently i havent been active on the teamspeak or the discord but i do have them both installed now so will come on there an speak to people shortly

    i have read and understand all of the server rules i may of broken a few when i first came on like camping a gun store in a tank but i learnt quickly and havent done it since i like to think im slowly becoming apart of your community and would like to put something back into it a few people on the server know me now which is always good.

    i do play other games to things like cs.go abit and ark survival evolved plus various other games but mainly i live on arma 3 on wasteland i have got alot of experiance in the roleplay side of it aswell as alot of my time at first was spent on rp servers.

    when im not online being killed by everyone i do voletry work for the british red cross which is hard work but good fun aswell im also into things like warhammer 40k and other tabletop wargames and general model building

    i hope this hasnt been to boring and hope this was the right place to put this up but thanks for looking either way

    if theres anything else you would like to know let me know and i will come on teamspeak and chat to you all soon sometime abit difficult as have a loud family so have to keep muted alot

    my pid is 76561198038902643 if you require it for anything again thanks for reading and look forward to your reply.