unban - hlo

  • STEAM_ID: STEAM_0:0:95038505

    Account name: hlo

    Banned on: (Which ban list / server?) CSS / Minigames

    Banned by: (Which admin?) not sure? I think happyness?

    Type of ban: (Server ban , CT ban or mute?) Server ban

    Why should we release you?

    Firstly let me apologize for my lack of German as I do not speak it, I saw your server on the list of servers with minigames and decided to jump on for nostalgia (I used to play on a popular multigames server a few years back) . Not sure why I got banned but sourcebans says multi-hack.. completely confused about this as I did nothing at all?

    What witness / evidence could convince us that we should lift the ban?

    Took a quick shadow-play of the last ~30 seconds before my ban, not sure if that's enough but it should hopefully at least prove nothing suspicious with movements etc?


    Also you can probably search my steamid on google and see no prior bans for cheats, unfortunately just seems to be a case of everyone ganging up on the new guy, but hopefully can be resolved soon :)