Wasteland Livonia DEV

For the 25th of July 2019, Bohemia Interactive announced a new Arma 3 DLC called "Contact". The DLC brings Aliens to Arma 3, and also adds Modern Arma 3 Equip.

Since we don't have a "Alien server" yet, we decided to set up a new Wasteland server using the new Liviona (Enoch) Map. The Map is set on Night only, and will be using effects such as Fog, weird noises (screaming), meteor shower, lightning, storms and rain.

Furthermore, the Delta mission will be changed into a Contact Mission and will use the new Equip and also the Aliens we can see in the Arma 3 Contact preview movie.

The A3 Wasteland server will be built by the A3 Dev "AryX", which is the founder of the other noAim A3 servers.

The server is currently running with a dynamic weather system, and can be found under the menu "Gameserver". (The Arma 3 Contact DLC and the Dev version of Arma 3 are required to Test)

On July 25, 2019, with the release of A3 Contact and v1.94, the new Wasteland server will be connected to the Wasteland Stratis Hive.

(Of course, the new vehicles, weapons, clothes and items will be integrated on all A3 servers from noAim.)