- During support, it is not allowed to stream.

- Video evidence is required, recordings must be uploaded before the support conversation.

- Post-processing of the videos or bad qualities are not allowed.

Our support is responsible for:

- Questions about the clan (Gameserver, Page, TeamSpeak3 and Discord)

- Rule violations of any kind

- Loss of points, inventory, items, etc.

- Discharge or banishment of players

- A3 bug notifications (Cash at Wasteland/Life as a reward)

Our upport is not responsible for:

- Help or tips for other (not noAim) servers

- Applications to Altis Life Fractions

Support possible via Discord or TeamSpeak3, daily from 4pm to 8pm.

The responsible support is marked as A3 Supporter / Admin or CSS Admin.

(The admins of clan management can help if they are available.)

For TS3 activation please go to the "TS3 Freischaltungs" channel.