noAim New Page

Welcome to the new noAim Page.

The rebuild of the noAim Page was one of the many planned updates of this year (also noted in the Roadmap 2019), after the recent release of the New TeamSpeak3 and the Discord Server, the noAim Page has been updated to the latest version of Woltlab, along with many new features and plugins.

A few of the new features:

  • TeamSpeak and Discord Sync
  • TeamSpeak Viewer
  • News with Image Teasers
  • A3 VIP Shop
  • Englisch Support
  • Achievements & Trophys
  • Support Function (F.A.Q.)
  • PHP 7 & HTML 5 Support
  • better Mobile Support
  • Steam Community / Profiles

On the new page you can now also see who is a CSS Admin and for these there is an additional Internal CSS Admin area... Just as there was this for the A3 Admins, but since they use more discord, it isn't needed any longer.

Also the Gameserver view has been changed a bit, from now on you can directly find links for copying, as well as buttons with which you can connect directly to our server. will move to OVH in the next few weeks, as long as this is not the case, the domain will only be used as a redirect to (It will be the main domain again after the move)