usage information - noAim shop



noAim Shop


In the noAim Shop different articles and packages can be purchased.

All buyers support the noAim clan. We would like to thank you for that.
The revenue allows us to operate and improve the servers available to all.



As a shop and server operator, noAim addresses the needs of the community.

Public events, promotions and raffles are started regularly.
This gives users the chance to get discount vouchers and free shop items.


The following usage information applies to our shop.


A purchase is always voluntary. No admin / supporter can force a user to buy.


After purchasing a product in the noAim Shop, the product will automatically be activated after a successfully verified payment.

After activation, the order can no longer be stoned.
The functions (for example VIP) are then available to the user after the next server restart.


The noAim servers are always kept up to date and maintained when needed.
These maintenance and upgrade measures will cause server downtime.


We endeavor to minimize downtime and do our utmost to make the servers accessible to the players.

Due to server downtime no purchased products will be refunded, well written or extended.
Likewise, no products will be refunded for server exclusions (ban) due to disregard of server rules.


For problems with the noAim Shop, orders or releases, support can be obtained by e-mail ( or in the TeamSpeak (Support Channel).