A3 Wasteland VIP - 3 Months


As Arma 3 Wasteland VIP you will recieve:

  • Uniform Paint Button in Player Menu
  • Vehicle Paint Button in Player Menu
  • VIP Textures
  • High Value Tag in Yellow
  • Teambalance immunity
  • 1 Suicide Sound (more to come)
  • Reserved Slot
  • TeamSpeak3 A3W VIP Icon
  • Discord VIP Icon
  • Forum A3W VIP Icon

TS3/Discord/Forum (A3W) VIP Icon

You will get in TeamSpeak3, Discord and in our Forum a icon / a rank which will identify you as the buyer of this pack.

for 3 Months

Soon you bought A3 Wasteland VIP, please enter our discord at www.noaim.me, click onto the #faq channel at SUPPORT, and check do step 2. (Activation boost)

Price including 19% sales tax